Katrina Ward


As a Gonstead Chiropractor of 17 years, I strive to be the best that I can be and to deliver the most accurate chiropractic diagnosis and adjustment to improve a patients health and function. Sometimes you lose perspective of your health and you really lose sight of what’s good about being a mum, partner, or a friend. You lose sight of the bigger picture, the joy of living.


I challenge myself daily to balance family, relaxation, work and competitive sport. I know how poor health and dysfunction affects the happiness of the most important people around you.


Harry Davis


After graduating from the University of Queensland in 1996 as a mining engineer, I had an interesting career working at various mine sites around the country. Despite the enjoyment I gained from overcoming challenging work problems, I always felt that I was missing something important. I came to realise that I really wanted to help people in some way.


In 2001 I attended an evening session of the Gonstead chiropractic seminar with Katrina and was struck by how chiropractic viewed health through the framework of biomechanics and neurological function and saw how the disruption of normal physiological functioning could lead to all sorts of ailments. After this eye-opening moment, I knew that chiropractic was how I could spend my life helping others.


I am now enjoying being able to help people whatever their goal is: from leading a pain free life, to becoming more active to optimising athletic performance. I have an active interest in nutrition, as it

pertains to general health and well-being as well as specific needs to optimise training and performance.


Kate Goodwin


Kate works at reception and is always happy to take your call and greet you on arrival.


John McDonald


John is an integral part of our Monday team. He is always smiling and up for a chat about the weekend and lives for the day his mighty and beloved Parramatta Eels win the NRL Premiership.